I saw a segment on the Mike Willessee, TV Channel 9 show, how Curaderm cured skin cancers.  I immediately contacted Bill Cham to make an appointment for advice on my skin cancer.  I had a large skin cancer on my left shoulder.  The doctors in Sydney advised me that to remove the cancer would require surgery under general anaesthetics with skin grafting, followed up with radiation therapy.  One doctor said that he would not touch this cancer with a ten-foot pole.  On inspection, Bill Cham showed concern and was disappointed that I had let it grow that big without treatment.  Nevertheless, he said that I had nothing to lose if I treated the cancer with Curaderm.  His main concern was whether the Curaderm would penetrate deep enough to kill the deep-seated cancer cells.  I decided to give Curaderm a go, because the alternative was frightening.  What happened next was almost unbelievable. Immediately after commencement with the treatment of Curaderm, the cancer started to break down. This continued and after about 10 weeks the cancer was gone.  After one week of treatment, when I applied Curaderm, I experienced some pain at the site that lasted for 10 minutes.  The pain was bearable.  If it weren’t for the photos taken before, during and after treatment with Curaderm, no one would have believed me.  Thank you Bill Cham and Curaderm for giving my life back to me.