I saw it on T.V. how Curaderm saved the nose of Iris.  This gave me hope that there was a way that could help me.  I also had a large skin cancer on my nose and the doctors said surgery with skin grafting would be required to remove the cancer.  The doctors could not guarantee success or how the nose would look after surgery and skin grafting.  The doctors said that depending on the cancer, I would possibly end up with a plastic nose.  Encouraged by Iris’ results on a skin cancer on her nose that she treated successfully with Curaderm, I contacted Iris for her advice. Iris advised me strongly to use Curaderm.  After 5 weeks of treatment with Curaderm, I could see that the cancer was very deep and was affecting the soft bone of my nose.  I continued treatment with Curaderm and after 12 weeks the cancer was gone.  The skin healed completely and did not return for 5 years.