What other names is Curaderm known by and what is the real deal?

Curaderm is know by many names like: –

  • BEC5 cream
  • BEC5 Curaderm
  • BEC5-Curaderm
  • BEC5 cream
  • BEC5Curaderm
  • Curaderm
  • Curaderm-BEC5
  • Eggplant Cancer Cream

But the correct names for Curaderm is Curaderm BEC5.

There is only one company  that manufactures Curaderm BEC5 and that company is Curaderm Global Limited.

Curaderm Global Limited makes genuine Curaderm.  Curaderm Global Limited produces Curaderm in accordance with Dr Bill Cham’s formula and any other brand maybe a counterfeit and not made in accordance with Dr Cham’s tested formula.

It is unknown what may happen if you buy a counterfeit brand of Curaderm but you may experience side effects and you may not effectively treat you skin cancer correctly leaving behind cancer cells.  We would alike using a counterfeit Curaderm product to using  an unproven home treatment recipe: - http://www.curadermbec5.com/skin-cancer-at-home-treatments-revisited/

Curaderm BEC5 is white in colour and is a smooth cream like moisturiser. Genuine Curaderm comes in a small white plastic tube with silver writing and a grey screw top lid.

Beneath the grey top is a safety seal (metallic foil seal) for your protection.
Curaderm - Bottle & Cream