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Treat Skin Cancer, Without Surgery, Scarring or Disfigurement

What is Curaderm BEC5

  • An all-natural, non-toxic treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer
  • A treatment that kills cancer from inside
  • A non-invasive treatment that has eliminated skin cancer in over 80,000 patients

And it does so without…

  • Damaging healthy cells
  • Scarring
  • Reconstructive surgery

This treatment is a topical cream that kills skin cancer cells with an almost 100% RATE OF SUCCESS! This treatment kills off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. And this treatment was discovered by one of the foremost experts on skin cancer in the world…Dr Bill Cham.

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 Curaderm can help you treat your non-melanoma skin cancer…

…even if you’ve undergone the surgeon’s scalpel
…even if you’ve had skin grafts
…even if you didn’t catch your cancer early
…even if you think you’ve tried everything
…even if you have been told that it’s in a hard-to-treat location

Consider the story of Iris Napier…

A woman in her 50’s, Iris was terrified.

Non-melanoma cancer had eaten away at Iris’s nose. Every surgeon and dermatologist she’d seen gave her bad news. One surgeon refused to operate on her. Another said treatment meant REMOVING her nose!

Then she found a pioneering doctor Dr Bill Cham, with a little-known treatment called Curaderm BEC5.

By the time she saw the acclaimed doctor, her cancer had spread to the cartilage in her nose. So Dr Cham started treatment immediately using his topical cream – Curaderm.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Iris quickly healed. After a few months of treatment, she had a beautiful and healthy nose again.

Look at these shocking photos:

Basal Cell Cancer Pictures undergoing treatment with Curaderm

Fortunately, Iris found a way to get rid of her skin cancer…without affecting her healthy skin cells. A treatment so potent – yet safe – that some patients say they can actually feel the healing taking place.

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100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Here is our guarantee…Picture 3

You will feel and see the difference Curaderm BEC5 makes in the first 60 days – or it’s FREE!

When a product works as well as Curaderm BEC5… and when your files are overflowing with “Thank You” letters to prove it, you’re more than happy to offer the strongest guarantee possible.

Order now, and use Curaderm BEC5 for 60 days. You must both see and feel significant, dramatic improvements in your health.

If after putting Curaderm to the test for 60 days you do NOT notice a different, you can send it back for a full refund.

Just return the EMPTY bottles and we’ll promptly refund 100% of what you paid. Plus you get to KEEP the FREE reports.

Curaderm BEC5 has helped thousands of people. And it can help you, too.

So order now while this special offer is available.

This is the ONLY treatment of its kind.

The best part?Curaderm Bottle

It means your skin cancer can be treated:
… without cutting out infected cells,
… without killing cells with toxic chemicals or radiation,
… and without shaving off layers of skin with lasers.

This is a natural treatment that can restore the beauty and the healthy look of your skin.

So you DO NOT have to face a lifetime of ugly scarring, redness or tissue damage. And you DO NOT have to submit to “fixes” like skin grafts and plastic surgery.

This works so well that it leaves little or no trace. In fact, no one will be able to tell you had cancer.

And after more than 25 years of research, even the scientific community recognizes its effectiveness.

Let me ask you…

  • Are there any new growths on your skin? Bumps? Scaly patches? Tender spots?
  • Do you have any skin discolorations, freckles or moles that seem to be changing? – indicates high probability of melanoma, we can’t treat this.
  • Do you have sores that won’t heal?
  • Have you spent a lot of time in the sun?
  • Do you have a history of sunburns?
  • Are you fair-skinned?
  • Do you have sun spots or age spots?
  • Do you have a history of exposure to toxic chemicals?
  • Do you have signs of a recurrence of skin cancer?
  • Do you live with scarring or other permanent damage from previous treatments?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please keep reading.

Dr Bill Cham, a trailblazing Australian scientist discovered that the glycoalkaloids found in eggplant seek out and destroys only cancer cells…

… without doing harm to healthy cells!

He discovered that cancer cells have a specific receptor that causes cells to divide so rapidly. And that glycoalkaloids are able to target cancer cells directly… leaving healthy cells untouched.

Having made this monumental discovery, Dr Cham synthesized the eggplant extract into a topical cream called Curaderm BEC5.

And studies show it KILLS cancer cells within weeks.

  • In one study, Curaderm BEC 5 was successful in 100% of cases… with punch biopsies showing the cancer cells dying off every time.
  • In another study, punch biopsies confirmed that 78% of patients showed no sign of skin cancer after 8 weeks. After 13 weeks, the rate of success was nearly 100%.
  • Follow up with patients over a 5 year period verified that cancer had not returned to any of their treated sites.

Dermatologists at the Royal London Hospital were quoted as saying “BEC is a safe and effective topical preparation… It is a cost-effective treatment for both primary and secondary skin cancer care.”

And what about side effects? All studies showed that the only adverse reactions were skin irritation and redness (only in rare cases of course).

The results have sent shock waves through the medical community. So much so that an Australian pharmaceutical company is conducting clinical trials with patients suffering from terminal cancers of all kinds!

So who is Dr. Bill Cham? Well, Dr Bill

Dr Bill Cham

  • Holds both a Chemistry and Biochemistry degree
  • Has a Doctorate in the School of Medicine
  • Is Editor in Chief for the Research Journal of Biological Sciences
  • Is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • Is an Australasian Medical Research Fellow
  • Is an author with over 5,000 citations in the Science Citation Index

Dr. Bill is also a peerless researcher and pioneer:

  • In the 1970’s, he did research on cholesterol, at a time when the first cholesterol drugs were still being developed.
  • During the 1980’s his research centered on the use of low-dose aspirin’s effect on heart disease.
  • In 2003, he applied for a Alzheimer’s vaccine patent.

And of course, there’s also Dr Bill’s greatest achievement to date: Curaderm BEC 5. In a moment I’ll explain more about Curaderm BEC 5 – and how you can trial it for 6 months at no risk financial risk. But before I do, I’m going to share some of the lives Dr Bill has changed with his discovery…

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Dorothy Landingham* had suffered through four rounds of surgery and two skin grafts because the cancer kept coming back.

The cancer even at away the grafts. In fact, the grafts became as big a problem as the rest of her infected skin!

Fortunately, she’d heard about Dr. Bill from a friend. After a visit to see Dr. Bill, she began using Curaderm BEC5.

And visible changes in her skin were almost immediate.

After a few weeks of treatment, the infected area was well into healing. After four months of treatment with BEC5, her skin no longer showed any sign of infection.


For two years Michael Gibson* told himself to seek medical help, but never did because he was so ashamed. Why? Because Michael had skin cancer on his genitalia. And soon faced the prospect of amputation.

He was so distraught that Michael considered putting an end to his life.

Fortunately, he discovered Curaderm BEC5. And within weeks the cancer was gone. Now Michael has won a new lease on life.

Lindsey McClough*, a 42 year old banana farmer, was diagnosed with skin cancer near his eye. The doctor prescribed surgery… but also warned that Lindsay could lose his eye.

But then Dr. Bill treated him with Curaderm BEC. Soon after the cancer was gone… and Lindsey kept BOTH of his eyes.

Evan Miller* had severe SCC on his head. So he decided to treat it with Curaderm BEC5.

Result: Within 8 weeks the infection appeared to be gone.

Evan later bumped his head and needed to see his dermatologist. The dermatologist questioned Evan’s use of Curaderm BEC5, convincing him it was necessary to place a skin graft on the BEC5-treated site. Scared and intimidated by the doctor’s words, Evan agreed to the surgery.

Post-surgery, 6 skin tissue samples were biopsied. And what the dermatologist found shocked him: no trace of cancer was found!

The original Curaderm treatment from weeks 1 to 8. A punch biopsy confirmed the cancer was gone.

This was the skin graft the dermatologist had surgically applied over the BEC5-treated area. Six biopsies showed there had been no residual cancer to treat. Surgery had been unnecessary. BEC5 had already done the job.

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 “I am now cancer free…” says Alex

“My nose healed up very nicely.” – Barbara Christina Conrad, USA

“The lesion completely healed with 2-3 weeks” – David John, USA

This amazing product has been safely used on at least 3 continents for 20 years. It has a near 100% success rate. And is now available to anybody who wants to reverse their condition without surgery.

Not only that…

Curaderm BEC 5 is…

  • THE answer for sufferers of non-melanoma skin cancers
  • THE answer to killing cancer for good
  • THE answer to restoring your long lost confidence

First, Curaderm BEC5 contains the same patented glycoalkaloids that Dr. Bill used in all his clinical studies.

Second, Curaderm BEC5 is the only topical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer that has been proven to work. So beware of counterfeit products!Picture 4

Third, Curaderm BEC5 is easy to apply – just apply a thin film to the infected areas of your skin at least twice a day and cover with a bandaid. The cream will begin its work by loosening the top layer of skin. Which then allows the cream to penetrate quickly into the affected tissue.

We are a distributor for Curaderm BEC5 (Curaderm) and not a wholesaler. So when you purchase Curaderm from our website, you are purchasing Curaderm straight from Curaderm Global Limited.

We also have email and phone support for our customers which most wholesalers do not as they do not specialise in selling Curaderm.

Our contact us page is located here:

So when you buy Curaderm through our website, you will have support during your treatment and we will be able to answer all of your questions without delay. Since we are a distributor for Curaderm Global Limited, if we do not have the answer to your question, we will seek their consult and one of their experts will answer your question for you, this is something wholesalers cannot do for you.

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Curaderm BEC5 is…
  • Clinically proven
  • Kills only cancer-infested cells
  • Leaves no scarring
  • Requires no skin grafts or plastic surgery
  • Is non-toxic
  • Has proven effective in more than 80,000 cases
  • Is naturally active
  • Has the support of integrative medicine doctors

Just look at these remarkable before and after photos. The proof speaks for itself:

Treatment period for this patient was 8 weeks. 5 years post treatment revealed that there was no recurrence.

Duration of treatment was 8 weeks. Clinical assessment 5 years post treatment revealed that there was no recurrence.

What are you other options available?

  1. Cut it the cancer and slice healthy cells along with the infected ones.
  2. Drown the cancer in toxic chemicals. That will spread through your body.
  3. Irradiate both infected and normal cells.
  4. Peel off layers of skin with lasers.
  5. Do nothing… and watch the cancer grow.
  6. Freeze off the cancerous cells along with the nearby healthy cells

All these treatments have one thing in common: they cause further damage to healthy cells!

So if your doctor is pressuring you to go under the knife. Or if you’re so frightened you don’t want to take action, consider these shocking statistics:

  • The rate of recurrence after surgery is 60%.
  • The rate of death from melanomas – which is often caused by not taking early action – is a whopping 90%.

So, what do you do? Try Curaderm! Imagine your life once it’s back to normal.

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 What Curaderm BEC5 Can Do For You

  • You’ll have your life back.
  • Your skin will be healthy again.
  • You’ll have renewed confidence.
  • You’ll conquer skin cancer once and for all.


  • You won’t be ashamed of your looks.
  • You won’t live in fear of cancer returning to haunt you.
  • No more sores for people to stare at.
  • No more pain from traditional treatments.

And you’ll never again endure the pain of treatments, skin grafts or reconstructive surgery.

Just like…
Iris who now has a healthy nose on her beautiful face.
Michael who rejoices in his newfound health.
Dorothy who celebrates life with her loving husband.

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 In our short time together today, you’ve seen the science behind Curaderm BEC5… you’ve met dozens of customers and heard their stories of healing.

Now, it’s time for you to decide.

The simple fact is…
… if any drug company had a patented product with so many benefits, they’d charge and arm and a leg for it. But for as little as just 60 cents per treatment, Curaderm BEC5 just may be the best bargain you’ll see in your lifetime.

Here are some more amazing results.

Remember, any of these amazing results could be yours too!

“I am pleased to tell you that my life is much better now.” – Rick McAllister, USA
“I think the stuff works fantastic!” – Richard Adams
“What a wonderful product! This is one of those very unique products that actually works with no downside.”  – Nancy, USA
“You are absolutely a God send! I tell my story to everyone and they look at me in wonder.” Margaret L., California, USA
“ Frankly, I don’t doubt that God had a hand in this miracle.” – Wayne Stallsmith, Clearwater, Florida, USA

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Curaderm BEC5 was featured on the Dr Oz show on 21st February 2012.

This video is a good introduction into Curaderm BEC5.

Introducing Dr Bill Cham on Willesee (an A Current Affair style show).


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If you would like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the link below to proceed to the checkout.