Eggplant Extract Known as BEC

Curaderm BEC5 contains Solasodine Glycoalkaloids which are extracted from Eggplants and are also known as BEC.  These are anti-cancer agents.

Curaderm has been tested over a twenty five year period.  Testing involved basic research, pre-clinical and clinical research.  Dr Bill Cham is the inventor of BEC and this BEC is found in his formulation known as Curaderm BEC5 (a treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers).

How was the Eggplant Extract (BEC) invented?

The fruit of the Devil’s Apple plant (Solanum Linnaeanum) was suspected in stockman’s folklore for many years to be a treatment for eye cancer in Hereford cattle. Folklore brought the plant to Dr Bill’s attention and encouraged him to begin his research, which would continue for over a quarter of a century.

Dr Bill set out in his research discover the active compounds of the plant.  This led him to discover and patent the purified glycoalkaloids mixture.  This is the mixture known as BEC.  He than established that the BEC was also present in fruit such as the eggplant.

Eggplant is members of the Solanaceae (Night Shade) family, classing them as relatives to the tomato, green pepper and tobacco.

The Solasodine Glycoalkaloids in BEC are currently undergoing trials in humans suffering from terminal internal cancers.

Can you simply eat eggplant?

It seems reasonable that by adding a good dose of eggplant to your diet that you may fight or inhibit cancers. Or that you could blend up a few eggplants and apply them directly to a cancerous lesion and you may create some positive anti-cancer effect.

But, if only it were that simple…

It seems there is quite a lot of misinformation circulating around that is based on this flawed assumption.

The reason that Eggplant won’t help to fight cancer on its own is because of the presence of “Free Sugars”.  These “Free Sugars” nullify the anti-cancer properties of BEC. The process that Dr Bill used to discover Curaderm BEC5 is detailed below.

Dr Bill firstly extracted the alkaloids from the eggplant. He identified these alkaloids as solasodine. He showed that solasodine had no anticancer properties. He than modified his extraction procedure to obtain the alkaloids in their natural state.

He than discovered that the alkaloids were not present as free alkaloids, but that they were attached to certain sugars rendering them as glycoalkaloids. He than purified these glycoalkaloids and showed that they had tremendous anticancer properties.

Further studies showed that if they were not purified to a certain standard their efficiency as anticancer agents dropped dramatically.

This means if you were to eat eggplant containing BEC you will also be ingesting the “free” sugars which destroy the anticancer properties of BEC.