Who manufactures Curaderm BEC5?

As stated on the Dr Oz show “There is currently one company that makes this cream – Curaderm; it costs $135” and that company is Curaderm Global Limited, but a bottle of Curaderm will cost you $144.00, this is the lowest price.

Curaderm Global Limited is the only company that makes genuine Curaderm.  If you see any other brands on the internet, you are not buying the real thing and chances are it will be a counterfeit.  Curaderm Global Limited produces Curaderm in accordance with Dr Bill Cham’s formula.  Dr Bill Cham is he inventor of Curaderm.

We are a distributor for Curaderm Global Limited and not a wholesaler. When you purchase Curaderm from our website www.CuradermBEC5.com, you are purchasing Curaderm straight from Curaderm Global Limited.

If you purchase Curaderm from our website, you will have support during your treatment. We will be able to answer all of your questions without delay.

Because we are a distributor for Curaderm Global Limited and if we do not have the answer to your question, we will seek a consult with one of their experts and they will answer your question for you, this is something wholesalers cannot do for you as they do not purchase directly from Curaderm Global Limited.

What will happen if I do not have adequate support during treatment to answer my questions?

If by a rare chance you experience a side effect to Curaderm or have a reaction to Curaderm that you were not expecting, you may feel lost without proper assistance.  You will need this assistance to be prompt and precise, you will not get this help and security from a wholesaler or seller who does not specialise in treatment.  We answer many questions everyday and will use all of our resources available to give you correct and specialised advise.  If you have a question, please contact us at: http://www.CuradermBEC5.com/contact-us/

What will happen if I use a counter fit product?

If you purchase a counterfeit brand of Curaderm, you may experience side effects or you may not effectively treat you skin cancer correctly which may leave cancer cells.  Here at www.CuradermBEC5.com we would alike a counterfeit Curaderm product to a unproven home treatment recipe: - http://www.curadermbec5.com/skin-cancer-at-home-treatments-revisited/

What does Curaderm look like?

Curaderm BEC5 is white in colour and is a smooth cream.  Curaderm looks and feels much like moisturiser. Curaderm comes in a small white plastic tube with silver writing and a grey screw on top lid.

The tube is a 20ml tube and although small contains enough cream for 76 days of treatment when applied twice a day, that is a total of 152 applications, which is very good for $126.00 when you by Curaderm at a discount. Beneath the grey top is a safety seal (metallic foil seal) for your protection.


Curaderm - Bottle & Cream