What if I apply Curaderm BEC5 to a lesion that is not cancerous?

Will it have an effect and will it cause any issues?

Unless you are taking medication or treating your skin with any other treatment/medication that will cause side effects, you will not have any issues if you use Curaderm on a non-cancerous lesion.

Although due to the Salicylic Acid and Urea in Curaderm your skin may tingle or sting and this may irritate the skin creating some effect on some people.

But overall, there are no harmful effects if Curaderm is used on a non-cancerous lesion.

What treatments/medications will cause side effects if I am using Curaderm BEC5?

Any treatment/medication that sensitises the skin such as Cortisone, Prednisone or Roaccutane.

Please do not use Curaderm if you are on treatments such as this.

If you are unsure or concerned, please confirm with your doctor if any treatments you are taking may sensitise the skin.

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