Take care of yourself in the sun

There is nothing better than prevention rather than treatment when it comes to skin cancer. You should always use proper sun pretection when you are out in the sun.  You should reduced your exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure.  By reducing your exposure to UV by 20% is estimated that there will one third fewer cases of skin cancer cases in Australia.

By taking care out in the sun, you can help prevent: –

  • freckles, wrinkles and aging of the skin;
  • eye damage;
  • sunburn which can can cause irreversible skin damage; AND

The best ways to proctect your self against skin cancer is to cover up when in the sun, wear a hat, wear sunglasses and also wear sunscreen.

We recommend using Curasol which contain Curaderm BEC5, which will help prevent skin cancers as well as provide you with sun protection so you do not get burnt.