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i had an eraser-sized basal carcinoma for several years. i thought i had cured it with lugols iodine but it came back. i knew i didnt want to have it surgically cut out due to scarring this had done on a different previous BCC. i read about Curaderm in a suzanne somers book on natural cures for cancer and did online research on it for several weeks for deciding to try it. i wanted to make sure it was worth the cost.

i applied curaderm 3 times daily for 3 weeks and covered with surgical tape as directed. after day 3 the lesion began to enlarge, swell, and burn. it really looked awful and frankly i felt nervous. but because i knew this was normal i kept on. brooke from curaderm was so helpful and calmed my fears and gave me some helpful hints like not applying the cream to the entire red area (which was now about 2 ×2 inches) and just dab on area right on top of, around the hole. i also began only using warm water to cleanse area and not antibacterial soap which seems to cause more irritation. i applied coconut or codliver oil to the irritated red place around the surgical tape just over lesion. i also began to take high vitamin cod liver oil orally as i knew this would help my skin renew itself quicker. this greatly increased my comfort.

exactly 5 weeks after starting curaderm my BCC was gone! i was thrilled and recommending to everyone i talked to about my skin cancer. this is a truly miraclous product and i highly recommend purchasing from the curaderm website because of their fantastic customer service and a money back guarantee ( that you wont use!).

– lara, north carolina, usa

The first time I read about Curadermbec5 I wasn`t sure that a cure would be so simple. After two surgeries with bad results, not to mention the cost and scaring I decided to try Curadermbec5. I read the instructions and proceeded exactly the way they explained. At first it started removing the bad skin at the cancer area on my nose, that was the size of a pencil eraser. Then It got scary, theCuraderm started removing more and more what I thought to be good skin. I just kept adding moreproduct until at the end of about 5 weeks the skin on one side of my nose  from the bridge to the nostril was gone. I wasn`t sure what to do next so I called customer support. After explaining what was going on to them, I was informed that it was working just fine, and to keep doing the same procedure only to cut back on cleaning the dead skin and reapplying Curaderm from three times a day to just two times. That conversation didn`t help my fears of ending up with one huge scare on one side of my nose. After the about week six I was cleaning the dead skin as per instructions when I noticed a patch of skin I thought I had missed the night before. I continued picking at it when a realized it was new skin growing back. Wow what a wonderful feeling I had. I ran to show my wife, and she said ya sure with that doubt`ful sound in her voice. After the second day of my discovery of new skin I noticed it coming back at a much faster rate. Within 2 weeks I had all my skin back and all healed up. I`m very happy to say outside of the bad surgery where the surgent cut two chunks of my flesh out in the wrong area, my nose looks great, and my wife agrees this time. I don`t know if Curaderm works this good with everyone, but It sure did a great job on me. I am 100+% convinced Curaderm works, and Doctors should use it as a first cure before surgery. We all know why they don`t. Oh and hears another note, I had that cancer on my nose for about 12 years and I even thought surgery was the only solution.  Thank you Curaderm

– Jim

Just want to report I went to my doctor after treating four biopsy spots…on precancerous on my arm, a basal between my eyes (Mohs scheduled) and squamous on my hand and on my chest (Mohs scheduled)…I told my doctor I wanted to try Curaderm and he amazingly was ok with that…when i went back he was shocked…he wanted to rebiopsy my squamous spots and I was fine with that..just go the report back…negative…he didn’t want to biopsy in between my eyes..he said it looked like basal was gone….needless to say I’m out of my skin excited!!!  The surgeries (even though my insurance would have covered it) would have been about $6000 if plastic surgery was needed…yahoo for Curaderm!!!!  I do have an intent between my eyes and my chest is sscarred but I’m hoping with time they will look better….blessings


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An amazing YouTube video of one’s mans basel cell carcinoma treatment. See below for more wonderful stories of success.

What is Curaderm, how to use Curaderm and Before & After Pictures

Iris from Australia

Iris a woman in her 50’s, was terrified.

Skin cancer had eaten away at her nose. All surgeon and dermatologist she had seen gave her bad news. Most surgeon refused to operate on her and others said treatment meant removing her nose.

Then she found Dr Bill Cham with his little-known treatment.

By the time she saw Dr Cham her cancer had spread to the cartilage in her nose.

The results after using Curaderm BEC5 were nothing short of miraculous. Iris healed quickly and after a few months of treatment, she had a beautiful and healthy nose again.

Look at these shocking photos:

It is very fortunate, Iris found a way to get rid of her skin cancer, without affecting her healthy skin cells.


Alex from Spain

I just want to thank you for everything. I am now cancer free as of about a week. Curasol worked perfectly just as you said on the superficial cancer and was of course easier and less painful to apply.

The whole process took 6 and a half months because there was always some new area reacting and opening up as a result of being close to curaderm. Unbelievable how loaded I was. I hate to think what that would have meant had I gone the conventional quack route.  I probably would have ended up looking like the head operated man in Dr. Bill´s book.

I hope to keep in touch and you have another devoted friend in Spain should you or Dr Bill ever visit.

Please give my kindest regard to Dr Bill who deserves the Nobel prize for medicine.



Rick McAllister from USA

Early in the year I sent for 2 Containers of Curaderm Bec 5 so that I could treat a Basel cell carcinoma that been removed with surgery at my local hospital. The operation left me with a Keloid scar that kept itching all the time, my Doctor said not to worry about it but it was very uncomfortable. It was then I sent off to you for the Curaderm cream, and it worked a treat the itching has gone now, and, I’m pleased t tell you that my life is much better now, and I thank you for your help with the information you gave me.

Many thanks again.

Yours sincerely,
Rick McAllister


Lindsey McClough* from Australia

Lindsey McClough* is a 42 year old banana farmer and he was diagnosed with skin cancer near his eye. The doctor prescribed surgery but also warned that Lindsay could lose his eye.

He then decided to treat his skin cancer with Curaderm BEC. Soon after the cancer was gone.  This successful treatment meant that Lindsey kept both of his eyes.


Barbara Christina Conrad from USA

Glad to hear your wonderful product is back on the available list.

Will recommend it to my friends. My nose healed up very nicely. Just a tiny scar that only I can see. I am saving the rest of the tube in the refrigerator.

Where would I be without you, probably not going dancing and looking pretty anymore.

Dankeschoen, Muchas Gracias.



David John from the USA

Having previously suffered a lesion at the site of an old smallpox inoculation, initially diagnosed as S.C.C. then B.C.C. which was removed surgically I developed another lesion on my forehead just on the hair line.

Not wanting to consult the medical profession for a number of reasons I tried Curaderm as instructed.

The treatment lasted for 2-3 weeks and the lesion was completely healed, all that was left was a slight reddening of the skin. I am obviously extremely pleased with the result and thank you for your help and advice.

David John


Evan Miller*

Evan Miller* had severe SCC on his head. So he decided to treat it with Curaderm BEC5.

Within 8 weeks the cancer appeared to be gone.

Evan later bumped his head and needed to see his dermatologist. The dermatologist questioned Evan’s use of Curaderm BEC5, convincing him it was necessary to place a skin graft on the BEC5 treated site. Scared and intimidated by the doctor’s words, Evan agreed to the surgery.

After surgery, 6 skin tissue samples were biopsied and what the dermatologist found shocked him.  No trace of cancer was found in any of the skin he had cut out.

The original Curaderm treatment from weeks 1 to 8. A punch biopsy confirmed the cancer was gone.

This was the skin graft the dermatologist had surgically applied over the BEC5-treated area. Six biopsies showed there had been no residual cancer to treat. Surgery had been unnecessary. BEC5 had already done the job.









T.W. from Alabama (USA)

I had numerous sunspots on my hands and arms.  So far, I have treated sixteen spots.

They are all completely healed except for four.  Those four are almost gone as well.

During treatment the spots did look really nasty.   But now, you cannot, at all, tell where the healed sunspots were and there is NO scaring.

I am amazed with your product and would recommend it to those who have sunspots.



Richard Adams

I think the stuff works fantastic!

My dermitologist won’t talk to me any more since I didn’t spend $1000 for his surgery, but hey, that’s life.

Richard Adams

*Name has been changed