Common Skin Cancer Locations

Basal Cell Carcinomas

Basal Cell Carcinoma near Nose

Basal cell carcinomas usually occur on parts of the body that are often exposed to the sun. These are the face, neck, V-shaped area of the chest, and upper back. They occur less often on the top sides of the arms and hands.

  • These tumours sometimes look like a sore or pimple that does not heal.
  • They may ooze yellowish fluid, crust over with a scab, and then break down and ooze again.
  • When the surrounding skin is stretched, a basal cell carcinoma has a pearly gray look, with tiny blood vessels often visible inside the tumour.

Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Ear

Squamous cell carcinomas also appear most often on the face and neck, V-shaped area of the chest, and upper back. They are more likely than basal cell carcinomas to form on the top of the arms and hands.

  • Squamous cell carcinomas look like an inflamed (pinkish or reddish), scaly growth that feels sore or tender.
  • Some may repeatedly break open, bleed, and crust – never fully healing.


For men, melanomas usually occurr of their backs, while women tend to also develop them on their legs as well.