Melanoma Identification

Melanoma is a very serious and dangerous form of skin cancer.  Melanoma can sometimes be curable if you identify and get it treated ASAP.  If you think that you mole is doing any of the things below, please get it check immediately by a health professional. Remember that early detection is the key to beating Melanoma and can be the difference between life and death.

The American Academy of Dermatology’s self-examination guide refers to the A-B-C-D-E guide for identification.  You can use this guide to determine if a mole or strange spot on your skin may be melanoma.

A is for Asymmetrical Shape: –
Melanoma - AAsymmetrical skin growths are growths that are  different in one part or another. In this picture, the left side of the mole is dark and slightly raised but, the right side is lighter in colour and and also flat.



Melanoma - BB is for Irregular Border: –
Melanomas can have borders that are not well defined. Growths that have irregular or notched borders need to be looked at by a doctor immediately.



Melanoma - CC is for Changes in Colour: –
Melanomas can have multiple colours or can be unevenly distributed in colour.




Melanoma - DD is for Diameter: –
Skin growth’s that are of large size can be a skin cancer indicator. If a growth has a rapid increase in size over weeks or months please have your doctor examine it as especially if the growth is about 1/4 inch or 6 millimetres large.



Melanoma - EE is for Evolving: –
The mole in this picture does not really fit into any of the other classifications. You need to watch moles like this for any changes.  It can be hard to tell if they are changing due to the small amount of colour.  You need to obverse moles this this for any changes such as raising, bleeding or growing size.

It is extremely important to monitor your moles and see a Doctor immediately if you have any concerns or fears that you may have melanoma.  Early detection could save you life.

Melanoma spreading under the skin

This picture shows a Melanoma on the skin and how it can spread through the skin as it metastasises quickly, this is why you need to seek treatment ASAP.

Please remember that Curaderm is not a suitable treatment for melanoma as it can spread quickly and it may metastasise during treatment.  If your Melanoma metastasise, this could mean death.  This is why early detection is so important.