Let Your Sunscreen Keep You Safe

Dr Bill Cham received this wonder story from Alex from Spain. We thought it would be great for everyone to read.

“I just want to thank you for everything. I am now cancer free as of about a week. Curasol worked perfectly just as you said on the superficial cancer and was of course easier and less painful to apply.

The whole process took 6 and a half months because there was always some new area reacting and opening up as a result of being close to curaderm. Unbelievable how loaded I was. I hate to think what that would have meant had I gone the conventional quack route. I probably would have ended up looking like the head operated man in Dr. Bill´s book.

I hope to keep in touch and you have another devoted friend in Spain should you or Dr Bill ever visit.

Please give my kindest regard to Dr Bill who deserves the Nobel prize for medicine.