Is there a risk of infection during treatment with Curaderm BEC5?

Curaderm BEC5 contains Salicylic Acid which is obtained from Willow Tree Bark, this will help prevent any infection during treatment.

You may think that you have an infection during treatment but chances are this is just the dead cancer cells.  If you experience discharge during treatment will most likely dead cancer cells that are being ‘mopped up’ by phagocytes (white blood cells).

If you are worried, you can treat the lesion with disinfectant such as Dettol, Peroxide and  Mentholated Spirits. After treating it with these products, please rinse the lesion with water and than dry completely before applying the Curaderm BEC5.

You can also email us a photo for advise if you are concerned to

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What if I apply Curaderm BEC5 to a lesion that is not cancerous? Will it have an effect and will it cause any issues?

Unless you are taking or treating your skin with any other treatment that will cause side effects, you will not have any issues apply Curaderm to a non-cancerous lesion.  Please see this article for medications that may cause side effects: -

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