How to Use Curaderm

Before treating yourself with Curaderm it is a good idea to read all the articles on this website and it also is a good idea to read Dr Bill Cham’s (the inventor of Curaderm) book “The Eggplant Cancer Cure”. This will help prepare you for treatment and will answer many the questions you may be asking yourself. You will than understand how Curaderm works, was discovered and how it was tested.

What is in Curaderm?

Curaderm contains: –

  • Solasodine Glycosides (BEC) (active anti-cancer ingredient)
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Urea

* Please note that the Salicylic Acid and Urea may irritate the skin of some people and may create some stinging or skin sensitivity.

How to use Curaderm?

Curaderm Treatment Instructions

During treatment of you have any concerns, please seek advice from your health care professional.
There is no chance of infection during treatment with Curaderm, please read this article for further information: –

*It is also important to know that you can not use Curaderm if you are: –

  • allergic to aspirin
  • using any treatment/medication that makes the skin sensitised such as Cortisone, Prednisone or Roaccutane

*Please do not use Curaderm BEC5 if you are on treatments such as this.  If you are unsure or concerned, please confirm with your doctor if any treatments you are taking may sensitise the skin.

*We recommend not treating an area larger than approximately 2 inches by 2 inches, unless you have been directed by your health care provider.

* During treatment, do not use sunlamps or tanning beds and also avoid sun exposure as much as possible during treatment. It is also import to remember to keep your Curaderm out of reach of Children and pets.