How long will treatment take with Curaderm?

Treatment with Curaderm varies in length.  Treatment with Curaderm could take a couple of weeks or treatment could take well over a month, depending on how large the lesion is (and this is not always what you can see on the surface of the skin).

There is no fixed time for a treatment, you should only stop treatment with Curaderm when the lesion has completely healed over with skin.

The pH of the Curaderm keeps the lesion safe from infection during treatment and if you were to cease treatment early you will never know for sure if all the cancerous cells have been destroyed and hence leave yourself at an elevated risk of a reoccurrence.

I guess another reason to keep treating with Curaderm until the lesion has completely healed is because this is how Curaderm was tested during clinical trials.  If you stopped treatment early then your statistical chance of success may be lower than those published about Curaderm,  which has been almost 100% in some trials.

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