How do I treat myself if I have numerous lesions? – Curaderm BEC5

It is best to treat one lesion first with Curaderm.  Treating a large lesions or many at once many be uncomfortable for you, that is why is it best to try Curaderm on a smaller lesion first so you are aware of how the treatment works.

Treating yourself with Curaderm this way will allow you to determine your treatment comfort level and also show you how the treatment will react with your skin.

Sometimes your skin will experience a burning feeling and by treating one lesion first you will become accustomed to this sensation.  After treating one cancer you may then decide to treat numerous others all at once with Curaderm.

If you have any worries during your Curaderm treatment, please send us a picture and we will advise you.

Also, having many lesion does not mean you cancer has metastasized.  These are separate cancers and lesions.