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We are asked many questions by people that are not our customers and unfortunately we need to turn these people away to service our own clients.  These people are unable to get assistance from their place of purchase and this happens more often then you would think.

We are a distributor for Curaderm BEC5 (Curaderm) and not a wholesaler. So when you purchase Curaderm from our website, you are purchasing Curaderm straight from Curaderm Global Limited.

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Is our payment gateway secure?

We use Multicards as our secure payment gateway. Multicards is an equivalent of Paypal. By using Multicards your credit card payment is 100% secure and encrypted and neither Multicards or our team have access to your credit card details, making your credit card payment 100% secure. Multicards also gives you buyer protection and will issue you with a receipt and our contact details upon receipt of your payment. You will also be able to contact Multicards if you have an issue with your payment and they will also help resolve the matter.

Credit Card Secure - How to buy Curaderm

Do we take phone payments?

We do not take phone payment as we believe this puts your credit cards details at risk. We prefer to use Multicards as a secure online payment gateway, but we are happy to talk to you before purchase.