Can I simply eat eggplant?

So by now you have probably heard of Curaderm BEC5 – which is a treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers, based on solasodine glykoalkaloids which are extracted from the humble eggplant.

With this understanding it would seem plausible that perhaps adding a good dose of eggplant to one’s diet may fight, or at least inhibit the formation of cancers. Or that if one were to blend up a few eggplants and apply their constituents directly to a cancerous lesion that there may be some positive anti-cancer effect.

Alas, if only it were that simple…

This is a topic that Dr Bill (the inventor of Curaderm BEC5) is often asked about and it seems there is quite a lot of misinformation circulating around that is based on this flawed assumption.

The reason that Eggplant won’t help to fight cancer on its own is because of the presence of “Free Sugars” in the eggplant which nullify the anti-cancer properties of BEC. To explain better, the process by which Dr Bill discovered Curaderm BEC5 is detailed below.

Firstly, Dr Bill extracted the alkaloids from the eggplant.  He identified these alkaloids as solasodine. However, he showed that solasodine had no anticancer properties. So, he modified his extraction procedure to obtain the alkaloids in their native, natural state.

Dr Bill discovered that the alkaloids were not present as free alkaloids, but they were attached to certain sugars rendering them as glycoalkaloids.  These purified glycoalkaloids were the substances in the eggplant that showed tremendous anticancer properties.

More studies showed that if they were not purified to a certain standard their efficacy as anticancer agents dropped drastically. Further investigational work was required to determine why this was the case.  He then discovered that certain free sugars also present in the eggplant were affecting the anticancer properties of the glycoalkaloids.  When these sugars were eliminated by further extraction the anticancer properties of the glycoalkaloids were optimal.

The “free” sugars were inhibiting the anticancer effects of BEC.

This means if you were to eat eggplant containing BEC you will also be ingesting the “free” sugars which nullify the anticancer properties of BEC.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be eating eggplant. They are still great for your health in many other ways!