Can Curasol BEC be used as a diagnostic tool for Keratoses and Skin Cancer?

Curasol BEC contains the anticancer ingredient BEC which is used in Curaderm BEC5.  The BEC glycoalkaloids also are what kills skin cancer cells in their early stages of development when using Curasol BEC.

Dr Cham observed that several patients who were using Curasol BEC as a sunscreen that small red patches occurred on their skin.  They continued use of Curasol BEC and this resulted in elimination of these red spots on their skin.

Dr Cham than established that the red spots that occurred were either Keratoses or Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs) that were not detectable by the naked eye.  It appears that a reaction had occurred between the BEC glycoalkaloids in the Curasol BEC and the precancerous & cancerous cells making them apparent.

This reaction resulted in a small but obvious inflammatory response as a small red spot on the skin.  This may indicate that Curasol BEC could diagnosed early Keratoses or Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs).

It should be noted that no large clinical studies have been done to confirm Curasol BEC as a diagnostic tool for skin cancers.

Patients who are observing small red spots developing when using Curasol BEC are than applying Curaderm BEC5 (by following the instructions for use) and within one or two applications of a small amount of Curaderm BEC5 they have eliminated the Keratoses or Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs) quickly through early detection.

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