How do I apply Curaderm BEC5?

Curaderm is a topical cream that is applied over the skin to treat lesions. This article describes how to apply Curaderm BEC5 in a typical usage scenario.

How do I apply it?

You apply the Curaderm BEC5 to dry clean skin.

How much Curaderm do I apply?

Curaderm BEC5 on woman's fingertip

You apply a thin layer (about 2 millimetres thick) of Curaderm BEC5 to the skin.  You do not need to rub the product in.  When you apply a pad to the Curaderm BEC5, it will spread out, this will cover the area that needs to be treated.  Please cover the lesion plus a small amount of the skin around it with Curaderm BEC5.   Do not spread it to far, as the pad will spread it for you.  Once the treatment starts your lesion may appear larger and you may need to apply more Curaderm BEC5 to the lesion.  But once it starts to recede, please apply less.  One bottle of Curaderm can get rid of 5 – 6 small Keratosis, so please keep it in the fridge as it can last 5 years.

Do I keep the lesion covered up during treatment?

Please keep the lesion covered during treatment with a micropore tape or a medical pad for larger lesions.  These products are obtainable from your local pharmacy.  This helps keep the Curaderm BEC5 on the lesion and also helps protect it during treatment.

How long do I treat the lesion for?

Please keep applying the Curaderm BEC5 until the lesion is completely gone.